Clinical Waste Collection


Attero ADR Compliant Vehicle

Attero owns and operates a fleet of ADR compliant specially designed vehicles throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. All our vehicles are lined and sealed to meet with the highest infection control standards. In addition our vehicles have sections to ensure the consumables you receive have been separate to the waste we collect.

All of our drivers are ADR trained which ensures that they understand the legislation which governs the transportation of infectious healthcare waste streams.


With Attero, you decide the frequency and time of your collection to suit you. Whether you want a weekly or one off collection Attero can make it happen. We collect from premises throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and beyond.


When disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous healthcare waste streams, we only use disposal facilities that are licensed to treat the type of waste which requires disposal. In addition, we always endeavor to dispose of the waste we collect locally thus reducing our carbon footprint. There are many types of licensed disposal facilities which can treat different types of healthcare waste. For instance, most types of clinical waste can either be treated via incineration or by alternatives means such as non-burn technology (autoclave) which still renders the waste sterile; for waste pharmaceuticals the only option is incineration. Whatever type of healthcare waste your organization produces, Attero will treat its disposal in full compliance of legislation.


Attero offers all new and existing customers free waste segregation training. Our training, which is provided on your premises, is up to date with the latest environment agency and department of health guidance. The aim of our training is to reduce your waste disposal costs by using segregation correctly. So far we saved our customers on average over 20%.

Waste Types

  • Offensive waste
  • Infectious clinical waste
  • Medicines
  • Sharps
  • Controlled drugs
  • WEEE
  • Veterinary waste
  • Hazardous waste